Saturday, July 13, 2013

Smashed! Convention Smashbook 2013

The final day of South Pacific Convention was wonderful and whilst it was exciting it was a bit sad that the celebrations were coming to an end. I am one of the lucky ones who is going to have the opportunity to attend the North American Convention 18-20 July in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So the final pages of my "Be the Difference" Convention Smashbook:
Sophie and Olivia were so inspiring in their wow presentations on Day 3. I love how the colours of the projects all seem to go together tonally.
Julianna's bags were brilliant! And the number of MDS projects and products on display were just breathtaking.
Off the page projects were abound. So much inspiration in one location can be very powerful.
The final page of the book was the final image presented by the team from Home Office and Demonstrator Support South Pacific. These wonderful people pulled out all the stops to make sure that this year's event was the best yet. They have set the yardstick very high for future years and have helped create many memories and inspired the whole region to share what they love.

Hope you enjoyed the epic journey that was my Convention Smashbook!
Shanni x

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