Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Button

I am currently trying to create a blog button with the help of my friend Jill - she is very cluey when it comes to all things blogging.  Check out her blog site at - she has some amazing tips and is my current "Go to Girl".

The point of the blog button is for other people to place my button on their websites and blog pages so that people can simply click on it to visit Stamping Shanni.  So in staying with my current theme I am trying to make it a miniture of my mast head. . . not having much luck with adjusting the pixels though! 

Visit again soon to see what I eventually come up with. . .
Shanni x

I had a good laugh today in fact as I read Jill's advice - she was apologetic for delaying in her response to my button questions - her internet has been playing up. 

After days of trouble She had been on the phone to her internet service provider for over two hours and their technical assistance was to tell her to press a whole heap of buttons (which she had already done before contacting them), unplug cables and cords and plug them back in (again she had already done that) and then to switch it off at the wall, the phone and the computer (you guessed it - she had already done this too)!  At the end of the call, in desperation the technicians decided to unplug at their end and voila it worked!

She now wants a job at their office because they do everything she does and get paid for it!


Friday, April 15, 2011

What I've been up to this week. . .

So the past week I have nursed three of the four children and did not give them enough sympathy accordingly the flu demon decided that I needed a good dose of the throat and chest virus that has been doing the rounds. . . felt awful for about three days but am coming good now. . .

Some of you may know that as well as stamping I also write romance and crime novels in my spare time and have been sending manuscripts off to publishing houses in the hope of one day being published. Whilst the response has been encouraging no one has emailed me a contract yet so I will continue to keep Australia Post in business by sending kilograms of paper all over the country and overseas until someone takes pity on me *laugh*.  As part of getting to know the craft of writing I have joined a number of organisations including the Romance Writers of Australia and the Queensland Writers' Centre - they are amazingly supportive groups and have offered a variety of courses that have taught me so much already.

In fact in May (after the Stampin' Up! Convention in Melbourne), the NQ Romance Writers will be hosting the inaugural NQ RWA Roadshow at the Cairns Colonial Club Resort.  The Roadshow presenters include Anne Gracie, Kelly Hunter, Barbara Hannay and Helene Young - these talented ladies are multi-published and so generous in their support of aspiring writers I am certain that the Roadshow will be a huge success.  Let me know if you would like further information on registration for the event.

The NQ Romance Writers are currently putting together some thank you gifts befitting north Queensland and I have made a journal for each of the presenters to add a personal touch to the presents.  I thought that I would upload some pictures of them as they are not traditional scrapping or card making but just another example of paper craft and how versatile it really is.







It has been so delightful using the gorgeous designer papers, ribbons and glitter, not to mention the beautiful bling!  A girl cannot get enough bling in her life. . .that's a less than subtle message for our gorgeous partners (especially with Mothers' Day so close by). I have tried to capture the personalities of the presenters and the tones of their novels.  The journals can be used as a place to record story ideas, pictures and other details to prompt the writing muse.

Nothing else too exciting to report except that I'm off to Malanda early in the morning to do a Small Business expo with Colleen one of my down lines at the Showground Market Day - it's going to be a great opportunity to meet some Tablelanders and share the love for Stampin' Up!.

Take care 
Shanni xx

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swaps for Convention in May

A busy time at the moment - I have finally focused on the fact I have about a month to get my swaps organised for Convention!  I am not panicing - YET! I have picked the colour schemes (neutrals?  surprise-surprise!) and the designs and have even started 2-3 of them but the thing I am challenged by is finding the time to actually stop and stamp. . .

I am heading to Babinda on Saturday to channel some inspiration with Lee-Anne and Danny at Scraptherapy; and I always come away from there with a heap of ideas and a fire in my belly to get creative.

Heaps of club classes this week to keep me on my toes and I am looking forward to the new stamping year with Stampin' Up!  Heaps of beautiful products, wonderful creative opportunities but the ultimate best part is the great friendships that you share.

Shanni xx