Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Button

I am currently trying to create a blog button with the help of my friend Jill - she is very cluey when it comes to all things blogging.  Check out her blog site at - she has some amazing tips and is my current "Go to Girl".

The point of the blog button is for other people to place my button on their websites and blog pages so that people can simply click on it to visit Stamping Shanni.  So in staying with my current theme I am trying to make it a miniture of my mast head. . . not having much luck with adjusting the pixels though! 

Visit again soon to see what I eventually come up with. . .
Shanni x

I had a good laugh today in fact as I read Jill's advice - she was apologetic for delaying in her response to my button questions - her internet has been playing up. 

After days of trouble She had been on the phone to her internet service provider for over two hours and their technical assistance was to tell her to press a whole heap of buttons (which she had already done before contacting them), unplug cables and cords and plug them back in (again she had already done that) and then to switch it off at the wall, the phone and the computer (you guessed it - she had already done this too)!  At the end of the call, in desperation the technicians decided to unplug at their end and voila it worked!

She now wants a job at their office because they do everything she does and get paid for it!


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