About Me ~ Stamping Shanni

I love a new set of pencils ~ sharp, perfect in their pristine wooden protective layer, unused and ombre in their colourful rainbow. . .

I am tactile. Lace, fabric, threads, card, paper, ribbon, seashells, leaves, polished stones and tree bark draw me like a magnet draws iron filings. . .

I love fresh and exotic aromas. Limes and lemons, garlic frying in oil, fresh baked cookies, coffee of any description, lavender, rose oil and the comforting scent of baby powder. . .

As a child I loved buying school supplies; selecting the felt pens, the coloured pencils, Sakura crayons (smelling waxy and wonderful a perfect cylinder of bursting joy), covering books and decorating title pages.

What does all this tell you? Basically I have always been a paper-crafter in waiting.

My earliest collection was cut offs of paper - note books, prescription pads (thanks to my grandfather), used wrapping paper, envelopes and candy wrappers. When I travel I am like a bower bird - my journals are straining under the layers of tickets, coasters, serviettes, wrappers ~ the detritus of my trips.

And now I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. . . what this means is that I can order what I want, when I want and dance with joy when it is delivered. . . inhale the smell of cardboard and packing paper and play to my heart's content.

I joined Stampin' Up! in February 2009 to subsidise my crafting habits - that's right I joined for the minimum 20% discount I could get on every order. I loved everything about Stampin' Up! ~ the way the inks match the cardstock, the stamps match the designer series papers and the embellishments bring it all together. All these things made crafting simple and with four primary school aged kids I needed simple like people need oxygen!

After 18 months of playing with the amazing products I could get, occasionally sharing things with my friends and family, I realised that I was ready to take my crafting to the next level. I started teaching others how to use Stampin' Up! products and before I knew it, I had 25 downlines and was sending weekly emails and posting on Facebook about my latest discoveries.

For the past four (4) years I have placed in the top three for recruiting and leadership for Stampin' Up! in Australia. I toured the USA for two months in 2013 with my beautiful husband, Woody and four delightful children ~ the highlight being an amazing Grand Vacation courtesy of Stampin' Up! in Utah. This past year has seen me holidaying in the Caribbean with my amazing Stampin' Up! friends (who are now extended family), taking in the delights of New York for the second time in less than ten months and enjoying national Conventions in the USA and Australia. I truly love working for Stampin' Up! and completely respect all that the company aspires to.

Stampin' Up! has brought so many amazing people into my life. I am truly thankful for my awesome team of stampers and paper crafters ~ the Paper Belles Stampin' Up! Team are some of the most inspiring, creative and sharing people that I know. I am proud that I am their upline and love that they all respect and support each other in our common interest. I love how we all bring different facets to our group - we are spread all over Australia, stay in touch by email, phone and on-line and manage to feel like we have all known each other for years.

I love what I do and love to share what I do with others. I would love you to consider joining my team the Paper Belles. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or if you already know that you would love to be part of our amazing team then dive right in and join today!

Love what you do!
Shanni xx

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