Monday, June 11, 2012

Convention 2012 Awards

One of the things that I should have been quicker to blog about was the huge haul of awards I received at Convention. . . I was very humbled by the support of my team and friends and their complete belief in my abilities.

There were some awards that I knew that I was in the running for - recognition of sales and recruiting ~ as this is something where I keep a record of what I am doing and what further steps I need to take to reach my goals.
I was really excited about reaching the goals that I had set for myself as I am all about consistency.  My team of girls would tell you that I count this virtue as the foundation for any of my successes.
So this is the amazing certificate, badge and gift that I received for being in the top three Recruiters for Australia in 2011-2012.

This photo was taken of either the top three Recruiters or the top three Leadership award winners for 4002547Australia (I am red beside Aaron Scott, Australian Manager).  I apologise to the girls who are on stage with me - it is simply that we seemed to swap these tributes around a little so it was a matter of same people different awards.
Here are the beautiful certificate, badge and gift that I received for being in the top three demonstrators in Leadership in Australia.

How cool is that Betty Johnson watch?!  Enough bling to satisfy any gal! 

The final award of the gala event was Demonstrator of the Year, with Mette hooting as only true Danes can the countdown was on from 25 to number one. The girls where whooooing the whole time from 25 to 6 and exploded with applause and yehahs when my name was announced.  Last year I had been shocked to be named number 20 out of the 25 so you can imagine how astounded I was to take out fifth position this year. . . in fact I am still not certain that something wasn't rigged!
The certificate and pin that went with the award were quite beautiful and the handmade chocolates were divine according to the girls and kids that got to eat them. . .
All in all it was a pretty amazing year and a terrific Convention.  The team from Stampin' Up! Australia invested an amazing amount of time and effort in all of the break out sessions, entertainment, the demonstrators who presented were so inspiring, Shelli was incredible and it was a truly brilliant event.

I'll share some other shots of the Paper Belles and swaps once I have downloaded photos from my sister's camera.

Sharing the love. . .


  1. Shan you deserved every single one of those awards, and your description of the event superb... I could almost here Mette hooting as I read your entry... can't wait to be there next year when you take out #1... x

  2. Hi congratulations and well done on all your awards,
    I was very excited to be standing up there beside you in the top three for recruiting bring on convention Brisbane
    regards Juliana

  3. Shaneann Congratulations on a wonderful achievement I was so proud to see one of my daughters there. All My love Mumma Flower Carolyn


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