Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am so excited - I have finally taken the time to learn a little more about blogging. My friend Jill kindly agreed to spend a few hours with me today to teach me some of her newly discovered skills and she was a great teacher! Visit Jill's site so that you can see all the amazing things that she is creating. . . - she is one of the most capable people that I know, no sooner does she decide something than it is put into action. . . now that takes skill, resourcefulness and stamina.

So you will see that I have uploaded a slide show of some of my creations from classes and demonstrations that I have done this month and I hope to add to this regularly, so please stop by and check things out from time to time. I would love to see you register as a follower if you are so inclined. And here's to me blogging more regularly in future!

Back soon
Shanni xx


  1. Smart looking blog you have here!!! Slideshow looks great! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Hi

    So happy to have you join us here in blogland!!
    Blog looks excellent, look forward to seeing lots more photos of your amazing creations.

    Michelle :-)

  3. I love your work in the slideshow Shann. It's amazing what you can do with stamps. See you soon.

    Havva ; )


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