Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vintage Class Thursday & Saturday

I love doing classes because they force me to get creative or at least try to get creative. Sometimes it is really easy to come up with ideas; a stamp set literally jumps off the shelf and colour combinations come easily and on other occasions I would rather go to the dentist. . .

Fortunately tonight I have had no difficulty in coming up with some ideas for cards, and its ironic but I return again and again to the same stamp sets when I am doing vintage cards (maybe there is a reason for this? hmmm). Vintage Vogue, Artistic Etchings and Notably Ornate are amongst my favourites. So here are a few of the cards that I have come up with:

I hope that you enjoy the cards and if you would like to receive details of classes for the month of April send your email address to the comments box below.
Happy Thursday,
Shanni xx

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