Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spent the Night with Paula & the Galz

Have been re-inspired. . .just spent a few hours with Paula, Tania and Bronwyn swapping ideas, chatting and playing with the new Autumn colours and the Big Shot! Woo Hoo. . .was heaps of fun and have a nice, simple (laugh) card to show for my time. Paula makes the lovliest cards and always uses great colour combinations. I really enjoy just watching someone else create; it gets my juices flowing and I should probably start writing my ideas down (when I get them) as when I come to expand upon simple concepts I sometimes hit a brick wall. . .

The added bonus from talking to Paula tonight was that she taught me a few more tricks for blogging including adding pages to my blog and being able to insert watermark writing on the photos I intend to upload in the next few days. . . Thanks so much Paula (for your patience and your expertise) you are now my 'go to girl for blogging'. Check out my "pages" and keep an eye out for my beautifully watermarked photographs in the next few days. ;-)

Anyway a few writing deadlines to meet so not really time to wax lyrical on the blog.

Hip love

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  1. WHoo hoooo!! just checking out blogs and found you've started posting!! Look forward to reading more!!



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