Sunday, May 31, 2015

Production Line Hawaiian Grand Vacation Swaps

Aloha Peeps!

Thought that I would share some of my last minute preparation with you in the lead up to handing over my swaps at Hawaiian Grand Vacation.

Because my swaps were so bulky they took up a heap of space in our suitcases travelling over to Honolulu. I thought that it would be better to put the together at the hotel rather than carry them made up. I had discovered prior to leaving Australia that the split rings I had for the 3D swaps were too small so I figured that I would buy split rings in Hawaii. . . surely there would be a Michaels lol. Well there wasn't a Michaels on Oahu but there was a Ben Franklins - wow! A story for another time!!

The night before swaps were due I sent the four kids for an ice cream with darling husband and requisitioned one of the beds as a work bench.  This is the sight which greeted DH on his return (and of course I had used his bed hehehe!).
I had left attaching the Simply Pressed Clay Flowers until construction time. . .
The split rings were the easy part as I had pre-punched all of the holes. . .
I had also stuck all of the 3D flowers onto my card swaps and was waiting for the last 12 to dry. . . the other 14 had been inserted into cellophane bags and boxed up for delivery to the Swaps Counter at the Hospitality Room.
Not too shabby when you see them all laid out.

And its only as you are adding the final touches that you see how much time, love and inspiration has been injected into every one.

It is an extremely satisfying feeling when you have a vision, break it into steps and accomplish it to the standard you hope.

Shanni xx

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  1. Wow! One of these cards would be a lot of work but to do it several times over . . . you are my idol!


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