Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's been a busy time. . .

So six months since my last post. . . for those who followed my blog up until May, you would be aware that I was fortunate enough to earn the West Caribbean Cruise with Stampin' Up! in April - May, came back and traveled immediately to Melbourne for the South Pacific Convention for Stampin' Up! . . . what you wouldn't be aware of is that in the time that I was overseas my beautiful mum got sick subsequent to a knee replacement.

We (my dad, six brothers, sister, sixteen grandchildren and I) nearly lost mum in May due to clotting and hemorrhaging conditions and things did not progress smoothly during June and July. Mum was finally released home to me in July (despite needing round the clock care) and I nursed her in the same way that she would me - 24/7 and with 100% dedication to making sure that she would be healthy enough to return home to independent living with my dad. I am pleased to say that she is almost back to her usual vigour and zest for life.

My sister became engaged in May whilst we were overseas - an event that was much looked forward to by all of us. We were unaware at that time of just how unwell mum was so in retrospect it has all been quite timely.

Zarnie's wedding was last Thursday (25th of September) and it all went off without a hitch ~ the weather was perfect, the bridesmaids, grooms men and flower girls all well behaved and beautiful and the bride and groom glowing in their delight.  I was in charge of decorations as you would have expected and the comments seemed to suggest that they were pretty impressive.
Mum continues to have ongoing health problems which, we hope, will improve although the long term prospects are not so great BUT the wonderful part was that we gathered as a family to celebrate life and love. The wedding has only emphasized how important it is to live, laugh, love and share with friends and family ~ life is so short.

So no longer nursemaid or chief wedding planner I have time to create and get back into Stampin' Up!. That is one of the most wonderful things about this company; you can take a break through necessity or choice and pick up the reins and create again without hassle. Word on the street ~ I am back in the game!

Stay tuned,
Shanni xx

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  1. The photo is my mum Charmaine and my sister Zarnie immediately after the ceremony.


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