Friday, August 19, 2011

Feeling guilty about my lack of blogging. . .

I know that people hear excuses all the time about how busy others are and why they haven't done what they undertook to do. . . so I will not bore you all with details.  Unfortunately for me (and I am sure that this applies to others), I agree to do too many things that I then prioritise before things in my own life. My own life being things like blogging and making sure that my name is in the market place. 

From this month on I am now diarising one day a week (with a goal to increase to two) for blogging about my Stampin' Up! passion.  I am making the promise to my followers that I will prioritise them in my schedule! Feel free to email me if you are at any time disappointed in my commitment or want to hear about or see something different.

June was a blur - I got back from Stampin' Up! Convention in Melbourne and put a heap of what I learned into play and also tried to achieve the monstrous number of demonstrations that I had committed to. 

July saw the Paper Belles exhibit at the Cairns Show and also saw a number of our creative girls placing in the papercrafting displays run by the association - congratulatins to Julie Seeto and Colleen Blakey.  I will upload some photos when I track them down to show you what the stall looked like and you could check out Julie and Colleen's blogs for photos of their beautiful entries.

August is nearly over - this month I have had classes and workshops and was back in Melbourne for the Romance Writers of Australia Conference - it's always a brilliant time. My friend Helene Young won Romance Book of the Year for her novel Wings of Fear (formerly published as Boarder Watch) - that is like the Oscar for Best Picture in the Australian Writing World; if you haven't read or bought a copy of the book or its sequel, rush and do so today. 

I am now home to complete my class timetable and prepare for Regionals which are on Saturday!  Yee-hah!  Very exciting. . . I love the creativity and inspiration that is shared at these events. . . and it is terrific that SU! travel to Cairns to bring this roadshow to us.

The new cattie starts on 1 September and is stunning!  I am so proud of this catalogue, the colours and layout are beautiful and the display of stamps, DSPs and embellishments are awesome. Let me know if you need a copy to drool over.

Also on the not too distant horizon is the annual Stamping Retreat at Tinaroo - let me know if you would like details.  We still have a limited number of spaces left.

Chat soon

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